2016/02/25 (Thu) 16:45
Make a ceremonious nod

The clock is still, who promoted the rings? Take a fall, in which people outside, lit a bonfire, who lit up the figure again? Where the wind, the dream has been floating away. Colorful and who together with me, the poetic of autumn light draw slices of dreams? .

Reincarnation, again a cycle, a season, a season again, stop,Looking up at the sky Dream beauty pro, in situ with solitary shadow still! .

Step on the grass in the bamboo forest, coupled with sound. Push the door, roll gauze shade, who see couch! Sitting in a bench, far pole Dream beauty pro?

And who is my missing white? The profound meaning and who is waiting for me Dream beauty pro?

A; And in one thousand, the city no regrets deep read!!!!!!

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